22 September at 10:09

A Working Cannabis Breathalyzer is on the Horizon…Sort of

As cannabis continues to become a more normal part of everyday life, so will cannabis testing. Not to mention, the on-going debate as to the safety or otherwise of traces of THC in the systems of motorists. Both recreational and medical cannabis are causing enormous problems for those looking for safe and effective ways to [...]

23 December at 10:51

DEA ‘Knows Cannabis Is Safe’, Won’t Give Up Its ‘Cash Cow’

Sometimes, hearing lawmakers, experts and officials admit that cannabis is actually safe can be extremely satisfying. Knowing that longstanding arguments in favour of cannabis legalization have been given further weight by those in prominent positions is generally only ever a good thing. But at the same time, there are also instances when and where these [...]

3 October at 3:30

Weed Reporter Who Quit Live on Air Could be In for Decades Behind Bars

Weed Reporter Who Quit Live on Air Could be In for Decades Behind Bars Unless you’ve been out of the loop for a VERY long time, you will have no doubt come across the story of a certain reporter who quit live on air, having decided to take a stand against anti-cannabis types. It was [...]

28 September at 5:37

K2 Overdose Epidemic Shows No Signs of Relenting

If you’ll forgive us for once again revisiting a familiar subject, this week has nonetheless given us just cause to do so. Even if you don’t consider yourself to be on the pulse of things when it comes to marijuana news, it’s largely impossible that the recent headlines regarding synthetic cannabinoids could have passed you [...]

22 September at 3:59

Colorado Springs Cannabis Consumption Clubs Fight Cease-and-Desists Orders

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. And where there’s a will to fly in the face of both common sense and overwhelming evidence, you better believe there will always be a way to fight the legalization of cannabis. Which is precisely why a few months back, council members in Colorado Springs made the decision [...]

31 August at 11:14

Cannabis Is Pretty Much Decriminalised in Britain…Sort Of

Unfortunate as it may be, chances are it is still going to be an incredibly long time before cannabis is legalized in the United Kingdom. In fact, judging by the blinkered views of those making the decisions we are forced to live by, it may never happen. The rest of the world seems to be [...]

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