1 June at 3:12

Could Cannabis Cure Alzheimer’s? Study Suggests It Can

It’s becoming clear that when it comes to the incredible medicinal properties of cannabis, we’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s truly possible. Just when it seems as if scientists have made the most extraordinary breakthrough to date, along comes another handful to take things several steps further. Even in the instances of certain diseases [...]

18 January at 11:26

Cannabis Anatomy – What’s in A Bud from Cola to Trichomes?

Cannabis Anatomy- Know the difference between a Cola and a Calyx You think you know cannabis well enough but what about cannabis anatomy? At least, you know you live the stuff and have got a pretty good handle on how to identify a quality batch. You might have even mastered the art of growing the [...]

12 December at 11:22

Medical Marijuana – How Does it Work as a Medicine?

Medical Marijuana Dispensary How Does Marijuana Work as Medicine? In the US, there are now 28 states plus the District of Columbia where marijuana is legal medicine. Globally, the legal status of medical marijuana is rapidly changing. Canada, Columbia, Chile, and the Czech Republic are a few countries where citizens can access medical [...]

7 November at 3:23

A Train – A Cannabis Cup Runner Up

Taking its name from a haunt slightly further north, the A-Train strain shares its handle with a Manhattan subway line. Why? Well, you’ll get a different answer from almost every seasoned stoner you ask, but to be honest it’s not important. What is important is how A-Train is a hybrid combination of Trainwreck and Mazar [...]

7 October at 10:06

THC Bomb- Hybrid Strain by Bomb Seeds

THC Bomb by Bomb Seeds, with a name like this, what else would you expect?  Unsurprisingly, it earned its name by packing a seriously head-spinning THC content when grown in ideal conditions. Equally unsurprisingly, it was cooked up for the first time in the Netherlands and has since become a firm favourite with growers and smokers all [...]

5 October at 12:37

Video – How Do Drugs Effect Spider Web Patterns

How Do Different Drugs Effect Spiders Web Patterns These spiders make some pretty bizarre web patterns and they show some even more bizarre behavior. Watch As The Crack Spider Steals Others Another Spiders Web This ones for some light relief. Enjoy watching as the THC spider builds a hammock and the meth spider has a [...]

5 October at 10:30

Acapulco Gold – Sativa Strain From Barney’s Farm

Gold by name and you better believe Gold by nature. Just the mention of Acapulco Gold is enough to bring dreams of times gone by, when the now-thriving tourist resort of Acapulco was more a hotbed for bandits, smugglers and local hippies. There’s still plenty of debate as to whether the ‘Gold’ in its name [...]

30 September at 3:56

The Case Of The Munchies

The Case Of The Munchies by LaughingTree Follow LaughingTree on MassRoots Why do we get the munchies, and choose the types of food we eat when we do? We cannabis tokers have been dealing with the munchies since the first green was put in a makeshift pipe and lit, but why does it happen? The [...]

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