14 November at 10:51

Video-How To Make Hash Oil. The Rick Simpson Method

Making Hash Oil Using The Rick Simpson Method Who is Rick Simpson If you have ever heard anything about Cannabis curing Cancer you have probably heard the name Rick Simpson. Rick has been a long-time advocate for the use of hemp and cannabis oil in treating forms of cancer.  His story began back in 2003 [...]

31 October at 10:42

Video- How To Make A Pumpkin Bong

How To Make A Frankenhookah Bogart from Youtube channel RuffHouse Studios shows you how to make a Halloween pumpkin bong. Would you hit the Frankenhookah? Let us know in the comments below.

27 October at 11:05

Video- Vaporizing Cannabis Vs Smoking Cannabis

Which Is Best Vaporizing Or Smoking Your Weed? Whats the difference between vaporizing cannabis and smoking cannabis. Why do people choose to vaporize with vape pens, portable vapes and desktop vapes, let Mandee Lee of Green Flower Media give you her reasons why vaporizing is the way to go. 6 Benefits Of Vaporizing Cannabis When using a vaporizer you inhale [...]

24 October at 10:37

Gary Johnson On Legalizing Cannabis

Former CEO of Cannabis Sativa Inc. Gary Johnson gives his views on Legalizing Cannabis in the USA on his recent jimmy Kimmel Live appearance. Video from the official Jimmy Kimmel Live Youtube account.

20 October at 10:38

Video- Anti Pot Ad For Massachusetts

Watch the anti cannabis advert from the Campaign for a Safe and Healthy MA. According to this video there will be more dispensaries than Starbucks and McDonalds! Cannabis dispensaries will pop up next to toy shops with displays of delicious sweets to lure your children into using the devils weed. I hoped you enjoyed this latest [...]

13 October at 11:42

Making Kief Using Dry Ice

Dry Ice Kief- A 5 Minute Guide To Easy Extraction Joint rolled in wax and dipped in kief What is Kief? Quite simply Kief is the resinous glands that make Cannabis the wonderfully unique plant that it is and contains the Terpenes and Cannabinoids. The kief is found on both the flowers buds [...]

12 October at 11:17

Buying Recreational Weed- Dos and Don’ts

Weed is on the verge of becoming legal in a number of US states and you will no longer have to go to back alley dealers. That's a whole new way of doing business for most of us. So when its legal to buy recreational in your state what are the dos and don'ts of purchasing [...]

11 October at 11:22

Ted The Fire Breathing Idiot Bong Rips The Carolina Reaper!

Bong Ripping the hottest chili pepper in the world. What could possibly go wrong? Watch as Ted bong rips the worlds hottest chili pepper. This isn't Ted's first bong (or stupid challenge for that matter) as he works as a Bud Tender by day and makes videos as ted The Fire Breathing Idiot by night. If this [...]

10 October at 11:47

Video-Comedy Roast of Weed

The Roast Of Weed Monday morning humour as Weed is roasted by LSD and other drugs. Video from CollegeHumor on Youtube.

7 October at 10:34

Dank Of England Hotbox London Eye

Doobs and Doritos Everything You Need For The London Eye Watch as Dank Of England hotbox the London Eye for 420. this video was produced by Troll Station for their Youtube account.

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