Confused about Cannabis? Ask The Laughing Tree

Confused about Cannabis? Ask The Laughing Tree

How can I help spread the legalization message? Tiago in Brazil

Hi Tiago,

Thank you for a great question! Being a part of the cannabis community, during this time of legalization and change on a global level, is truly exciting. And, it’s always a good reminder that it takes all of us to make change happen.

During the 21st century, Latin America has pushed for an increase in drug legalization, with a strong impact on cannabis reform:

  • Argentina: In 2009, the Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional to prosecute people for having drugs for personal use.
  • Colombia: legalized medical marijuana in 2015.
  • Guatemala: In 2012, the president argued for the legalization of all drugs at the United Nations.
  • Mexico: In 2009, Congress allowed people to possess 5g of marijuana. This year, the Mexican President proposed citizens have the ability to possess up to an ounce
  • Uruguay: Cannabis is legal.
  • Brazil: While possession alone won’t send a person to prison, there is still a prison minimum sentence of 3 to 5 years for trafficking, some CBD products are now available for legal medicinal use as well.

Contact Political Leaders

People in Uruguay protesting for Legalization in 2013

People in Uruguay protesting for Legalization in 2013

A number of the political leaders of reform are on the Latin American Commission of Drugs and Democracy.  There are a number of people from Brazil who were members of the initiative that influenced the commission.

  • Fernando Henrique Cardoso: president of Brazil from 1995 to 2002 and professor at the University of São Paulo.
  • General Alberto Cardoso: Chief Institutional Cabinet Minister of the presidency of Brazil.
  • João Roberto Marinho: vice-president of the administration council and editorial vice-president of the Globo Organizations.
  • Paulo Coelho: writer

The legalization of marijuana is a grassroots effort that takes all of our voices contacting influential people to be heard. Contact political groups already involved in the struggle who align with your beliefs and ask how you can join their efforts towards legalization. You can even create your own group to mobilize support. A Facebook page or forum is all it takes to start movements in your own communities.

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