As far as most are concerned, the biggest question of all is that of whether or not red eye is any kind of indicator with regard to overall health? Or to put it another way, if you or anyone else has a pretty strong case of red eye, does this mean you are in a poor state of health at the time?

Unfortunately, in this instance the answer is a very vague maybe. The reason being that in a medical sense, there are of course dozens of different conditions and diseases for which red eyes are a characteristics symptom. Viruses, tiredness, allergies and a variety of eye-related conditions can result in the eyes becoming redder than normal.

However, when looking at red eye specifically from the perspective of a marijuana smoker, it’s generally theorised that there is no specific correlation between red eye and overall health…or lack thereof. Instead, it’s simply a side effect to one of the primary effects cannabis has on the body – a drop in blood pressure.