4 January at 10:53

Why Upgrading to Hydro Growing in 2017 Is a No-Brainer

If you’re entering 2017 in a position where you can legally grow your own cannabis, chances are you will be doing exactly that. After all, why wouldn’t you? The thing is though, evidence seems to suggest that the vast majority of home growers cultivating cannabis at a modest level continue to stick with traditional soil [...]

20 December at 10:38

The Lowdown on Autoflowering Cannabis Ruderalis

Chances are you’ve come across the idea of autoflowering cannabis strains by now, but how much do you really know about the Ruderalis strain? If you’re not in the practice of growing your own, the answer is probably…not a great deal. If you’re a keen home grower at any level though, autoflowering strains are a [...]

16 December at 11:31

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds- 3 Different Methods

Sprouting seeds Technically speaking, it’s possible to germinate cannabis seeds you come across pretty much anywhere. Including those you’d rather not find in your baggie. If you’re looking to grow the kind of plants you can be proud of. You need to get hold of some truly outstanding seeds from the best seller [...]

13 December at 9:45

Aquaponics – Turning Fish Waste Into Green Gold!

Every passing year, all manner of weird and wonderful approaches to growing cannabis creep out of the woodwork. Just when you’ve been reliably informed that one particular method represents the most incredible advances in cannabis cultivation in history, some other expert comes along to tell you something entirely different. First there was soil growing, replicating [...]

9 December at 10:11

Buying and Storing Cannabis Seeds – What to Do, What Not to Do

Given the fact that you cannot put a price on a towering cannabis plant that is bursting with bountiful buds, it’s also safe to say that cannabis seeds are equally priceless. If you happen to live in an area where it is legal to grow cannabis at home, consider yourself one of the very, VERY [...]

2 December at 11:19

Essential Tips for Growing Indoors This Winter

If you have made the decision to continue growing cannabis throughout the winter months, good for you! Well, that’s assuming of course it is entirely legal to grow cannabis at home where you reside. After all, we’re not the types to encourage any kind of illegal behaviour when it comes to cannabis cultivation. Nope. Not [...]

30 November at 11:01

The Best Cannabis Strains for High Yields

What are the best cannabis strains for high yields? What matters most when it comes to growing cannabis will always differ from one person to the next. As far as some are concerned, THC concentrations are the be all and end all. In medical marijuana crowds, it might be CBD that takes precedence. Some prefer [...]

25 November at 10:27

10 Things You’re Going to Need to Grow Pot at Home

If you’ve always simply assumed that growing cannabis indoors is easier than growing it outdoors…well, you’re only half right. The reason being that if you happen to live in the kind of region where the weather conditions are optimal for weed growth, growing outdoors technically involves zero work whatsoever. Nature takes care of everything, leaving [...]

17 November at 11:29

9 Things to Consider Before Growing Pot at Home

When you look into the idea of growing pot at home, you’ll no doubt come across a thousand and one resources outlining how to do it right. From growing mediums to maximising yield to lighting to nutrients and so on, the web is bursting at the seams with massively helpful information. At the same time, [...]

1 November at 11:42

Video- How To Harvest, Trim And Dry Your Weed

How To Harvest, Trim and Dry Your Buds Watch as Pigeons 420 goes through the steps of trimming, bud washing and curing his White Widow crop. Find out which parts to keep for making  concentrates and Pigeon 420s methods. What You Will Need When you begin the process there are a few basic pieces of equipment you will [...]

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