26 July at 12:17

How Much is an 8th: Mastering Cannabis Weights

Along the way to becoming a true cannabis connoisseur, there are various rites of passage. Rolling your first joint that doesn’t look like absolute garbage, understanding how much is an 8th, taking a huge bong hit without coughing up a lung, mastering the art of munching edibles without descending into a freak-out spiral and so [...]

23 February at 10:30

The Simple Secrets to Growing Bigger, Better Buds

One question the vast majority of cannabis growers ask at some point or other is – what can I do to grow bigger, better buds? All growers have to start out somewhere and coming out with some seriously impressive results the first time just isn’t a realistic expectation. When you first start you may find yourself [...]

10 January at 10:46

Five Cannabis Strains For First-Time Growers

What are the best cannabis strains for first-time growers? You probably don’t need anyone to tell you that all cannabis strains are by no means the same. This includes the way they grow, which is precisely why it is extremely important to be mindful of which strains you start out with. Gaining experience in home [...]

16 December at 11:31

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds- 3 Different Methods

Sprouting seeds Technically speaking, it’s possible to germinate cannabis seeds you come across pretty much anywhere. Including those you’d rather not find in your baggie. If you’re looking to grow the kind of plants you can be proud of. You need to get hold of some truly outstanding seeds from the best seller [...]

15 December at 11:16

A Toke Too Far? How to Survive an Overwhelming High

It’s somewhere we’ve all been on our way to becoming an experienced stoner and is an unpleasant experience we can all relate to. It’s also something that tends to happen on a relatively regular basis to those trying out cannabis concentrates or super strong edibles for the first time. You do whatever it is you’re [...]

13 December at 9:45

Aquaponics – Turning Fish Waste Into Green Gold!

Every passing year, all manner of weird and wonderful approaches to growing cannabis creep out of the woodwork. Just when you’ve been reliably informed that one particular method represents the most incredible advances in cannabis cultivation in history, some other expert comes along to tell you something entirely different. First there was soil growing, replicating [...]

29 November at 10:36

Your Complete Guide to Sativa and Indica Weed

Indica and Sativa Cannabis what's the difference? One of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to cannabis is that of what separates Indica from Sativa strains. Depending on who you ask, the question as to which of the two is better will always have a very different answer. Technically speaking though, [...]

13 October at 11:42

Making Kief Using Dry Ice

Dry Ice Kief- A 5 Minute Guide To Easy Extraction Joint rolled in wax and dipped in kief What is Kief? Quite simply Kief is the resinous glands that make Cannabis the wonderfully unique plant that it is and contains the Terpenes and Cannabinoids. The kief is found on both the flowers buds [...]

7 October at 10:49

How to Get the Most Out of Every Joint You Roll

Joint Skills If joints are your thing, you probably think you’ve got the art of rolling and smoking, licked. Yes…that was an intended pun. Everyone has their own unique strategy when it comes to both getting the job done and enjoying the fruits of your labour. What’s more, it’s rare for a seasoned stoner to [...]

5 September at 4:41

Bedtime Bud: The Full Lowdown on Nightcap Weed

If there’s nothing you enjoy more than a quick smoke before bedtime, you’re certainly in good company! As any seasoned stoner will be more than aware, cannabis has the potential to be one of the best sleep aids on Earth. For the average individual, bedtime bud can make for the perfect nightcap and have you [...]

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