30 September at 4:37

10 Things You Might Not Know About Cannabis Edibles

Who would have ever thought they’d see the day when Starbucks locations were actually outnumbered by cannabis dispensaries in parts of LA? It’s a brave new world indeed…at least, for anyone lucky enough to live that way of things, anyway. The shift in marijuana policy in various regions over the past decade or so has [...]

15 September at 4:35

Shopping for Cannabis Edibles the Right Way

You’d be forgiven for assuming that just as soon as cannabis edibles go on sale legally where you live, it would be plain sailing. After all, how can you possibly go wrong as far as legal cannabis is concerned? In truth however, it’s not until you find yourself presented with literally thousands of different products [...]

13 September at 4:22

How to Tell You’ve Become a Cannabis Food Snob

It’s pretty much fair to say that cooking with cannabis really is a pleasure to end all pleasures. Actually that’s not quite right – cooking with cannabis and summarily eating whatever the you come up with is the ultimate. Legalization of recreational cannabis in a variety of circles has led to the kind of gastronomic [...]

26 August at 5:35

10 Fatal Mistakes to Avoid When Cooking with Cannabis

Given the fact that you can technically throw pot into anything at all doesn’t mean that this constitutes a culinary cannabis success. Now more than ever, experienced chefs and plucky amateurs from all over the world are getting busy with seriously innovative and adventurous marijuana meals. But at the same time, a much larger contingency [...]

25 August at 11:32

10 Cannabis Questions We All Wanted Answered as Amateurs

We are as guilty as anyone else when it comes to publishing articles and blog posts that are almost exclusively for season stoners. But at the same time, we also recognise the fact that there are plenty of noobs out there just looking for a few pointers. After all, it’s not as if any of [...]

18 August at 3:21

Incredible Edibles: Triple Baked Loaded Potato Skins

Slowly but surely, stoners all over the world are waking up to the fact that cooking with cannabis means more than just throwing some broken-up buds into a can of chilli. Not that this particular recipe won’t work, it’s just that you won’t even get half of the enjoyment or benefit out of it as [...]

11 August at 12:22

Weed Edibles: The Full Lowdown

It’s pretty safe to say that on a global basis right now, cannabis edibles are a big deal. Ever since legalisation gave the cannabis crowd (in some circles) the legal right to experiment, millions have been doing exactly that. In 2014 alone, somewhere in the region of 6 million cannabis edibles and concentrate products were [...]

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