AK 47 Strain Review

AK 47 Weed nug

AK 47 Weed

If any of your mates tell you they know how or why AK 47 weed got its name, they’re lying to you. Truth is, it’s still a subject of much debate and there’s really no concrete answer as to where it came from. That being said, it’s not as if the metaphor alone isn’t fitting enough – AK 47 weed has superb potency and poke that have made it a global superstar.

It’s been on the scene since 1992, when the world got its first taste of this extraordinary Thai Sativa and Afghani Indica hybrid. The Dutch maniacs behind it would then go on to revel in the glow of their work taking home more awards than a dozen lesser strains. In 2011 AK 47 took 3rd place in High Times Cannabis Cup awards for hybrids, dozens of national and international gongs and a reputation for bringing together the best of Indica and Sativa in perfect harmony.

The aroma is one that could basically be described as the pure essence of skunk…albeit with a distinct sandalwood note and a hint of sweet spice. It has a hit that’s outstanding and unmistakable – instant euphoria and a meteoric climb, usually followed by a giggly plateau and introspective couchlock. All the while, you know exactly what you’ve smoked and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Medical use of AK 47

In medical circles, AK 47 weed is recommended for the treatment of a number of conditions. It’s prime use is for stress. AK 47 is an excellent stress reliever as it has a long lasting cerebral buzz but also gives you the energy to go about your day despite its extraordinary THC content. For these exact reasons it is also good for those experiencing mild anxiety and low level depression. The other major use is for pain relief with many women using it to get some relief from period pains.

Growing AK 47

Growing AK 47 from Serious Seeds

Growing AK 47 from Serious Seeds

Though not necessarily the easiest strain to grow, AK 47 weed doesn’t put up much of a fight either. Best-suited to indoor growing environments, plants generally top out at about 1 to 1.50-metres and have a somewhat less lush and verdant look than you might expect.

Buying AK 47 Seeds

Lots of breeders have their own AK47 seeds and some of the most famous are by Serious Seeds and Royal Queen Seeds. AK 47 is also a popular choice for creating hybrids, Jordan of the Islands offer the excellent God’s AK-47 regular seed which has a high yield and some of the most frosty buds you’ll ever see.

AK 47 Flowering Time And Yields

Still, what they lack in the leaf department they more than compensate for with their buds – dense, fat and seemingly covered with a thousand tiny diamonds, glistening under your lamps. You can expect a powerful aroma throughout much of the growing process too, with THC content usually hovering around a generous 20%. Flowering times come in at around the nine-week mark and if you play your cards right, each square metre could net you between 400g and 500g. It can certainly fare extremely well outdoors, though needs fairly consistent conditions to flourish and a lot of sunshine.

Reliable, dependable and with a hit that’s unmistakable – AK 47 weed is a winner all-round.

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