Owning a cat is something lots of us take great joy in, they provide love, attention and entertainment in equal measures. For those of us who are conscious about the environment owning a cat can hold some moral dilemmas and I’m not talking about the colossal number of animals they kill but the use of cat litter.

Most cat litters are not biodegradable and when we dispose of them they often just end up in a plastic bag and going to landfill. Currently the market is dominated with products that use clay litter. To get this clay litter, it involves strip mining, destruction of agricultural areas and it will often contain silica dust which is a carcinogen.

Alternative Cat Litters

Hemp Litter Cat

Hemp makes for a happy Cat

Now the market is starting to change as people seek alternatives. This has seen a number of products that use anything from wheat, corn, dried wood, grass and recycled newspapers used as a more sustainable bio degradable alternative. These do how ever have some draw backs, your lovable cat might not like it as it is different in form, usually as large pellets, or it can be messy as the pellets get caught in your cats paws and dragged through your house.

Now after much success in Australia we are seeing hemp products reach the market in the US. These are great as firstly hemp is easy to grow and is sustainable, usually there are no chemicals used in its production enabling you to compost the litter at home if you choose to do so. Not only is the hemp litter a natural product but it is also an effective with high levels of absorbency, according to laboratory tests. Hemp litter compares favourably with clay based products and in some cases out performs them on the absorbency test. Lab tests have also shown that it has strong odour retaining properties. So you as the owner don’t have to compromise and deal with extra smell as a result of your environmental beliefs and wanting to keep your beloved cat as a part of the family.

Felisorb Hemp Cat Litter From Australia

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