Delicious green cannabutter

When it comes to cooking with cannabis, enough is never enough. When you think about each and every food and drink on the face of the earth that turns you on, chances are they really aren’t many that couldn’t be spiced up big time with some killer bud. The only problem being that actually getting around to trying all the recipes you have in mind would probably involve quitting your job and becoming something of a hermit. A pleasant prospect it may be, though perhaps not a realistic one.

Which is precisely why if you’re into cannabis, it’s always a good idea to think about cooking smarter, rather than more. These days, there are recipes all over the place for a thousand and one different condiments and additions laced with marijuana, which you can serve liberally with pretty much anything you like.  Nevertheless, when it comes to versatility, enjoyment and the sheer ease of getting the job done in the first place, there’s really no better place to start than by cooking up a batch of cannabutter.

And not just any cannabutter – quite simply the very best cannabutter on earth!

One Edible, A Million Uses

When you think about it, there isn’t much you can eat that butter doesn’t make even more awesome. And given the fact that high quality marijuana makes butter a million times better than it already is…well, you’re talking awesome on an entirely higher level. Whether it’s getting that every morning kick with a slice of buttery toast, throwing a generous dollop on a baked potato or even stirring a cube into your coffee, you will never run out of brilliant and creative ways of using your homemade cannabutter.

But we have to get one thing out of the way first – we are talking about proper cannabutter here. If you take the easy way out, you will regret it. This basically refers to the process of melting some butter in the microwave, adding a load of shredded bud, stirring it and leaving it to set. This is amateur hour at its very worst and not even in the same league as the real deal.

What’s more, you absolutely will not get the best out of your cannabutter if you are not willing to use high quality weed to create it. It’s definitely a decent enough resting place for the dry dregs you have left over, but if you want the good stuff, you need to put the good stuff in.

So without further ado, what follows is the simple recipe and method for quite literally the only cannabutter you will ever need in your life…because it’s beyond epic:

Step 1

First of all, you may come across the quite heated debate as to whether or not decarboxylation is really necessary. This basically refers to the process wherein your cannabis is exposed to heat, in order to activate the THC fully. All you need to know is that the answer is yes – it does make a difference and you should be doing it. Take a baking tray, place the cannabis you intend to use in a single layer and place it in another and preheat it to 115° C for about 40 minutes. Give the sheet a couple of turns during cooking to ensure it all makes evenly and remove when sufficiently crumbly and dry.

Step 2

Take a suitable pan and pour in approximately 250 ml of water, before bringing to the boil. It’s then a case of adding the butter and melting it down – exactly how much butter you need will depend on how much marijuana you plan to use and how strong you want the resulting cannabutter to be. As a rule of thumb, you should be looking at around 1 ounce of marijuana being used to create the equivalent of 4 standard blocks of butter. Which means that if you decide to make enough for 2 blocks of cannabutter, you need to be looking at around half an ounce of cannabis.

Step 3

Cannbutter being infused

As soon as the butter has completely melted, it’s time to crumble in your dried cannabis. Throw it in, give everything a very good stir and then immediately reduce the heat to an extremely low temperature. It needs to be just simmering, though literally only just. Once you have managed to get it simmering at the perfect temperature, you need to exercise plenty of patience and leave it cooking for around 180 minutes. Cooking times vary, but you will be able to see when it’s done because it will be much thicker and glossier, as opposed to watery.

Step 4

In order to kill some time, be sure to use the opportunity to select exactly what it is you would like your cannabutter to be placed into when it is ready.  Something like a square baking dish with deep sides or really any heatproof bowl whatsoever will do the trick just fine. The same also goes for standard plastic food tubs. You will need to strain the mixture through cheesecloth two layers thick, so you might want to think about attaching this directly to the top of your chosen receptacle and securing it in place.

Step 5

When it has had sufficient time to cook, pour the mixture into the container extremely slowly to avoid it spilling. The cheesecloth will help ensure that as little debris as possible gets into the butter, given the fact that all the good stuff from the cannabis will now be right there in the butter itself.

Step 6

Solidified cannabutter

You’ll need to give it a minimum of about an hour to begin cooling, before putting it in the refrigerator and leaving it there until there is a solid top layer.  It’s here that it is always advisable to give things at least slightly more time than you think they need, in order to prevent attempting to remove your cannabutter from the container prematurely.

Step 7

Last but not least, use a knife or something similar to help release the cannabutter from the sides of the container, turn it over onto a tray or plate and let it flop out in all its glory. Clean it up a little just for the sake of keeping up appearances and there you have it – the most exceptional cannabutter you will ever lay your hands on!

How do you make your cannabutter? Let us know in the comments below.