Mr Nice himself, Howard Marks

Mr Nice himself, Howard MarksNamed after the man himself…Howard Marks if you didn’t already know…The Mr Nice strain brings together the madmen that are Hash Plant and G13. Legend has it that G13 was the product of a secret US government experiment, which realistically is a story that holds about as much water as a sieve. Hash Plant owes its origins to Hindu Kush, which has a global reputation for being the very definition of awesome.

Mr Nice Strain Effects

Mr Nice has an aroma that’s highly reminiscent of quality black hash, with an earthy freshness and a hint of welcome sweetness. The flavour is also on the sweet side, with notes of fresh fruit and a gentle hit of spice. Though the high is near-immediate and intensifies quickly, it plateaus long before draining you and putting you out of action. Instead, you get an incredible head to toe calming and relaxing high, resulting in a state of tranquillity and contentment, rather than just becoming a vegetable.

Growing Mr Nice

mr nice strain cannabis-bud

If you’re out to grow Mr Nice yourself, you can expect bushy plants of relatively short height with leaves of a deep green colour. Bud to leaf ratios are generous and you’ll find the modest-sized buds themselves both rich in resin and extremely dense in consistency. THC concentrations vary from about 13% up to 18%.

Outdoor growing really isn’t an option anywhere other than the Southern Mediterranean, or anywhere with a similarly hot climate. Indoors, a solid hydro or soil growing operation needn’t be too much of a headache, though Mr Nice is pretty picky when it comes to the ideal conditions. Not only this, but it’s definitely not the strain to go for if your primary goal is huge harvests – you won’t be getting them.

10 weeks of flowering and Mr Nice will not leave you with a king’s ransom in world-class weed. Instead, it’ll leave you with a generous stockpile of a true connoisseur’s choice, which has always been more about quality than quantity.

Buy Mr Nice Seeds

Mr nice is a regular only seed created by Sensi Seeds. If in Europe you can buy them directly from Sensi Seeds, if not we have added a link for one of our partners too. Both are below.

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Strain Characteristics

Type Type: Indica dominat
Plant Height Plant Height: Small compact plant
THC THC: 13-18%
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor unless Mediterranean climate
Yield Yield: High
Indoor Flowering Indoor Flowering: 60-70 days
Harvest Outdoor Harvest Outdoor: October
Stoned/High Stoned/High: Strong mellow high