25 June at 9:30

The Six Best-Selling Cannabis Strains in the US Right Now

Cannabis strain popularity varies hugely from one US region to the next. Likewise, just because a cannabis strain is popular doesn’t necessarily make it the ‘best’ on the market. Hence, we’re being diplomatic with this one, focusing on the best-selling strains in the US right now. Medical and recreational cannabis legalisation has transformed the face [...]

23 June at 10:06

Mould: Why It Happens, How to Avoid It

You’ll face the biggest risk of your cannabis to succumbing to mould during the drying and curing process. But even when you’ve bagged yourself a batch of the final product, there’s still every chance mould will make an unwelcome appearance. And when it does, you could be staring disaster square in the eye. If you’ve [...]

22 June at 9:27

What’s a Moon Rock (and Should You Care?)

If you’re even a casual cannabis consumer, you’ll have probably heard the term ‘moon rocks’ doing the rounds. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you’ve a clue what they are, what they do or whether you should care. As far as advocates are concerned, however, it’s a pretty cut and shut deal. What Are Moon Rocks? You [...]

18 May at 10:07

10 Tips for First-Time Cannabis Tourists

It probably hasn’t escaped your attention that Canada recently legalised cannabis in its entirety. In fact, there’s a good chance you’ve set your sights on an eye-opening trip sometime soon. If not Canada, you’re almost certainly one of millions planning a cannabis vacation for 2019. All over the world, legalisation is transforming the appeal of [...]

20 April at 10:11

Hiking While High: A Match Made in Heaven?

Pretty much any physical activity can be enhanced with a good batch of bud. Not only in terms of enjoyment, but by enhancing the physiological and psychological benefits of getting active. Science has confirmed weed’s capacity to maximise the benefits of exercise, creating the perfect excuse to combine the two. Hiking is no exception to [...]

15 April at 11:23

How to Break Into the Cannabis Biz (And the Salaries to Expect)

If cannabis is your life, your love and everything you live for, why not consider a cannabis career? Imagine it - spending your working days surrounded by top-shelf bud and getting paid for the privilege. Not to mention, making your mark on the national and international cannabis culture. Too good to be true?  Not necessarily [...]

7 April at 10:57

What’s ‘Shake’ Weed (and Is It Any Good?)

If you’ve heard of ‘shake’ weed, there’s a chance you have heard nothing particularly good about it. One of the most underrated and underappreciated forms of pot out there, it’s always a shame to hear of decent shake going to waste. But what exactly is shake weed? Or more importantly, is it really worth bothering [...]

31 March at 9:00

What’s the Deal with the Third Cannabis Species?

Right now, there are more than 1,000 strains of marijuana available on the commercial market alone. A figure which doesn’t take into account the many thousands of DIY hybrids doing the rounds in recreational and medical circles worldwide. Of these thousands of cannabis strains, the overwhelming majority belong to just two primary cannabis species: Cannabis [...]

24 March at 10:35

Discretion 101: Can You Really Prevent Cannabis Stink?

If you love cannabis, chances are you can’t get enough of the smell of the stuff. There’s something uniquely intoxicating about the aroma profile of a good bit of bud, which should be embraced and celebrated. But at the same time, you have to allow for those who simply cannot stand its signature stink. Particularly [...]

17 March at 10:45

What’s a Good CBD Strain (and Why Should You Care)?

If you know anything about cannabis, you’ll probably know a thing or two about CBD. If nothing else, you’ll know that CBD is non-psychoactive and therefore isn’t going to get you high. Precisely why the vast majority of stoners don’t really give a damn about this prominent and prevalent cannabinoid. Still, there’s a growing raft [...]

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