Pot Pocket Cannabis storage

In an age of plastic it’s always good to find a product that is both wooden and handmade. So, when I stumbled across the Pot Pocket, I had to try it out and add it to my collection of gadgets. It is a simple device used for hiding and protecting your pre-rolled meds when on the move. It holds 3 pre-rolls and comes in a range of sizes, there’s one for the single skin rizla, one that’ll fit a king size doob and for the serious smokers only the full phatty which is king size in length but has extra girth! All, I might add, can easily fit in your pocket (as you might expect with the name), with the largest being a little smaller than the average smart phone.

Pot Pocket Design

The design is simple but very effective, they are made of either 3 or 4 strips and threaded with elastic to hold the device together and to keep your pre-rolled from falling out. This device isn’t going to keep the smell of anything particularly pungent inside, so this isn’t for use if you want to be discreet. It will certainly keep your meds fresh and from getting damaged whilst on the move.

Adventuring with the Pot Pocket

Phat-pockets by Pot Pocket US

My first use of the pot pocket was to go on an adventure! I started my day by preparing 3 pre-rolls, stretching the elastic, and carefully placing them into the gaps before throwing it into my bag and heading out. I was going out walking in the fine country-side that surrounds my home city, I put my back pack on headed out to the train station. For my first test wanted to check and see if my Pot Pocket would keep the smell in. I tentatively opened my bag and caught a whiff of an aroma that really isn’t appropriate for a busy train… So, I zipped up again and continued my journey.

Arriving a few minutes later at my scheduled destination to spring sunshine my first thought was can I have a quick smoke? You know, to really get the feeling of tranquility before spending a day wandering.  Looking around the station was empty so I reached into my bag felt around and grabbed my Pot Pocket, I tugged at the elastic and out tumbled my first pre-roll, still fresh and with no creases from being battered by my bag in transit.

I lit up, happy with my new gadget, and got ready for a day of adventuring. Over the course of the day I also smoked my two other pre-rolls and am happy to report that both remained fresh and intact. Normally if I am preparing ahead of time, I use a metal tin but find by the end of the day they can be a little crispy and dried out. If you’ve smoked a dry crispy blunt you know this isn’t a pleasure.


The Pot Pocket is a simple and elegant design, that is portable and certainly doesn’t look like it would contain anything used for smoking. It’s has a couple of limitations, namely that it doesn’t keep the smell in, I will point out this isn’t a feature that the producers of the Pot Pocket ever mention, and that you can only hold 3 pre-rolls. Which if you are a heavier smoker than me is an issue, for me though it’s just enough for a day out of the city and the Pot Pocket will be aired on many more occasions yet.