Morning Glory Strain Review

Morning Glory Cannabis Flower

Dive into a beautiful blend of Indica and Sativa genetics with Morning Glory – Afghani Indica spliced with Hawaiian Sativa by world-class weed engineers. Unsurprisingly, Holland was the birthplace of Morning Glory and even less surprisingly still, it managed to scoop up the top prize overall at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2002. If you’ve tried it, you’ll know why.

The aroma is dominated by a powerful skunky quality, with a distinct floral undertone. The flavour manifests as mild pepper with a hint of almonds, all brought together with an unmistakable citrus twang. As for the high, it’s pretty much a case of being taken from massive euphoria to blissful relaxation followed by a head to toe stone that’s borderline transcendent. Which is precisely why Morning Glory is seen as something of an all-purpose strain – whatever you’re doing, it’ll make it way better.

Growing Morning Glory

Morning Glory is perfectly possible to grow outside, without having to up and move to a sunnier southern climate. That being said, it favours warm weather and hot summers, so indoor growing is advisable for northerners. Bright green leaves, an abundance of branches and long, elegant buds can be expected, along with that characteristic diamond-crystal coating that’s quite simply mesmerising. 10-week flowering times are about the average, with yields reaching an impressive 450g for every square metre if you’re lucky…and skilled…and dedicated to the cause.

It also has the potential to pack a serious punch, with THC levels hitting highs of 20%. Any sign of frost will kill a Morning Glory plant dead in a heartbeat, so proceed with caution if going with the outdoor option.

A solid prospect for indoor growers that has the potential to pay off big time, Morning Glory is an ideal strain for nights out, evenings in and afternoons well and truly out of it!

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