Blue Cheese best weed strain of all time

It’s the ultimate question in the world of weed – which is the best weed strain of all time? We’ve all sat and pondered on this and many a discussion has been had in living rooms all over the world. It’s also an impossible question to answer too, as it all comes down to whom you ask and what they’re into. Seriously – how often has someone told you about the epic bud they’ve picked up and been toking on, only for you to find it about as enjoyable as smooching a camel’s…well, you know?

Where do you even start with such a list when there is so much choice, do you start with land-races, coffee shop classics, Sativas, Indicas or hybrids? So team LIWTS took time out of their busy schedule, spoke to some friends in the know and came up with a massive list of strains they have smoked, vaporized and made into delicious edibles to finally decide which is the best weed strain of all time. The list was long and included a range of strains that was diverse and full of interesting flavours. Why were there so many and why was this task so difficult? Well because everyone we spoke to had different ideas of what was good, some wanted fruity flavours, others Indicas that would glue you to a sofa and others wanted that cerebral buzz that only comes from a Sativa strain.

Narrowing it down to just one or two strains was borderline impossible – a full 12 of the best strains on the other hand, well we just about managed that. So whether you’re looking to grow, buy, experiment, medicate or get incredibly high then lay your hands on any of the following strains and you’ll be looking at an all-time classic that is approved by many and will please even the fussiest of tokers:

Make sure you tell us what you think is best weed strain in the comments below.