7 August at 9:58

Lawyer Declares War on Florida’s Medical Pot Smoking Ban

Two attempts, three years and $11m later, Florida finally decided to give the green light to medical marijuana. Patients and campaigners across the country rejoiced when it became clear that Amendment 2 had passed, laying the groundwork for the state’s first genuinely accessible medical cannabis legislation. The only problem being that laying the groundwork was [...]

8 March at 10:23

Study Shows Patients Prefer Medical Cannabis to Prescription Painkillers

The current situation with regard to cannabis policy in the United Kingdom is nothing short of embarrassing. And even if you were to take recreational cannabis entirely out of the question, the fact that there is so much concrete evidence supporting the value and importance of medical marijuana paints a rather appalling picture. Brits in [...]

2 March at 10:26

Medical Cannabis Sales to Begin in Australia Within Weeks

We recently reported on the way in which leading politicians in Australia were pushing for the country’s medical cannabis program to be stepped up a gear, in order to ensure that those in urgent need would not be forced to continue waiting in vain. Despite the fact that the country currently has a very weak [...]

1 March at 11:09

UK To Become World-Leading Medical Cannabis Producer

For much of recent history, the UK has been making headlines with regard to cannabis policy for all the wrong reasons. As much of the United States and various European countries make enormous advances with new cannabis legislation, the UK government continues to bury its head in the sand. Cannabis is still officially labelled a [...]

1 February at 10:34

Medical Marijuana Legalized in Germany for “Exceptional” Cases

Over the last few years, Germany has retained its place right at the front of the queue when it comes to the most likely European countries to legalize cannabis. Attitudes to cannabis in general have been comparatively relaxed in Germany for some time now, though few specific regulatory changes have been made along the way. [...]

3 January at 10:57

Massachusetts Cannabis Bill Delayed In Secret Session

One of the things we’ve learned since various North American states like Massachusetts decided to take cannabis to the polls is the fact that legalization isn’t quite as quick and easy as it seems. Even in instances where recreational or medicinal cannabis romped home with a decisive victory in the vote, actually getting things up [...]

23 November at 12:08

White Rhino – Indica Strain hitting 25% THC

Bringing together some of the very best attributes you’d expect from quality Afghani, Brazilian and Indian cannabis strains, White Rhino delivers the total package. Having scooped up the silver medal in the Bio category at the Cannabis Cup in 1996, its global fame was pretty much assured almost two decades ago. Today, it remains renowned [...]

10 November at 10:42

How to Find a Medical Marijuana Doctor

For folks living in the United Kingdom, the idea of being able to go see a doctor and ultimately go home with a big bag of weed is the stuff of pure fantasy. And with the way things are going right now, it’s probably going to stay like that for some time. By contrast, those [...]

24 October at 11:48

Cannabis Shows Promise as Potential Cervical Cancer Treatment

  The South African Study Can Cannabis Cure Cervical Cancer? Further evidence of weed’s unique medicinal properties comes from South Africa, where a team of researchers found that cannabis could make an effective treatment for cervical cancer. A team from the biochemistry department at North-West University in Potchefstroom carried out an experiment, in [...]

19 October at 10:33

The Significance of Montana’s Medical Cannabis Vote

Anyone planning a trip to the USA next year could be visiting a very different country than the one that exists today. As of January 1st 2017, a further nine North American states may have radically overhauled policies on how marijuana is controlled and distributed. Early November will see tens of millions head out to [...]

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