Kief Turkey Marinade

Turkey With Cannabis Infused THC marinade

How about something different this thanksgiving, baste your Turkey with a THC marinade and get high with your family and friends. Thanksgiving is just a few days away and many across the USA will be looking forward to spending time with their families, enjoying Turkey and all the delicious side dishes that go with it. In celebration of all the new states that have legalized this year why not try injecting your turkey with a THC marinade and get lit with your family and friends.  Check out the video from The Weed Scene and find out how it’s made.

What Will you Need To Make Your THC Marinade

Making Kief Butter

Make your own Kief infused butter

Make your own Kief infused butter

First up you need to make your butter marinade. This is simple to make but for the best results it takes time. Ideally you should infuse the butter for 24 hours but we know you don’t always have the time to spare. If you do check out our cannabutter recipe. If not you can make a simple butter by melting your butter on a low heat and adding the kief. Let this simmer gently for an hour, being careful to never let it boil. If it does boil you will burn off the THC and CBD and end up with butter that not only doesn’t taste very good but also has little to no effect.  Once you have finished set it aside and allow to cool.

Inject The Infused Butter

Now you have made your butter take the syringe, fill it with your kief infused butter and begin to inject it under the skin at different points on the Turkey. Make sure you get the legs, wings and a number of points across the breast and chest. If you aren’t deep frying your turkey keep some of the butter for basting later. If not any remaining butter can be stored in the fridge later and can be used for baking.

Cooking Your Turkey

Heat your deep fat fryer to 350F and then submerge the Turkey for an hour. Remove the Turkey and leave to rest for twenty minutes. You will now have succulent, THC infused Turkey with a delicious crispy skin.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!