6 April at 2:37

San Diego Bans All Pot Business in Unincorporated Areas

It’s already been four months since California not only took recreational marijuana to the ballot box, but also gave it the green light by a solid enough majority. Which was largely as predicted, with the state now pegged to quickly become the single most important recreational cannabis destination/region in the United States. If not, the [...]

17 March at 10:55

Breaking Into the Cannabis Industry – Is Now the Time?

As far as stock market investors are concerned, the marijuana industry is one of the hottest topics of all right now. The prospect of pumping money into the fledgling industry at such an early stage in order to capitalise on near-guaranteed explosive growth is universally appealing to say the least. Right now, there are thousands [...]

15 March at 10:27

Oakland Strips Non-Residents of Marijuana Business Licenses

As things stand right now, the North American states that have legalized recreational cannabis have opened their doors and kick-started something of a free for all licensing for anyone looking to get involved. You might not happen to live in Boston for example, but just as long as you’re within a realistic commuting distance, there’s [...]

10 March at 10:16

New Cannabis Strain Designed to Help Women Orgasm

Right now, you can pick up a cannabis strain to improve or enhance just about anything in your life. If you are in need of something to help you study harder, no problem. If you prefer a strain that pretty much knocks you off your feet and has you sleeping away the entire weekend, easy [...]

6 March at 10:26

US Cannabis Job Creation Will Outpace Manufacturing by 2020

One of the few things we know for sure about the Trump Administration’s thoughts on cannabis is that public opinion is inconsequential. If it wasn’t, the White House wouldn’t have already gone on-record to issue a veiled threat to the legal cannabis industry. Something heads to the ballot box, the public votes in favour of [...]

28 February at 11:17

More Evidence Suggests Cannabis Could Curb Opioid Addiction in US

Despite on-going efforts by local and national governments, the war on opioid addiction and abuse in the United States is failing. The statistics are no less than shocking – approximate 90 Americans die every single day from opioid overdoses. Various regions have experimented with the implementation of various measures and programs to help bring things [...]

7 February at 10:55

Cops Back Legalization as California Heads for $7 Billion Windfall

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the vast majority of police officers would be against the decriminalisation of cannabis. A number of polls carried out to date have brought to light evidence that semi-legalization of pot has a tendency to place cops in something of an awkward position, wherein they’re stuck between a rock and [...]

2 February at 10:21

US Cannabis Industry Value to Top $21 Billion by 2021

Prior to partial legalization, one thing that was never in doubt about the U.S. cannabis industry was the way in which it was going to be extremely lucrative. Exactly how lucrative is something that would only be determined in time, given the way in which legislation would largely dictate how, when, where and by whom [...]

24 January at 11:15

The Game to Partner with California Marijuana Dispensary

These days, becoming a superstar in any music genre takes a lot more than making good music. Hitting the big time means being as proficient on the business side of things as you are in the studio. In fact, the latter of the two can be even more important. Most musicians don’t like to talk [...]

14 November at 1:09

Elderly Underworld Cannabis Growers On the Up Nationwide

British Grandmother Grows To Support Herself Not the Grandma from the documentary but this one grew hers accidentally. These days, it’s not uncommon to come across cannabis users who’d rather than pay for the buds they crave decide to set up a few plants at home. Even in countries and regions where it [...]

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